“I’m not a hero”

Reluctant hero: Nigel Kerr was one of five people injured in a dog attack. He saved the life of an elderly woman. Picture: Simon Bennett

Reluctant hero: Nigel Kerr was one of five people injured in a dog attack. He saved the life of an elderly woman. Picture: Simon Bennett

The man who saved an elderly neighbour from being mauled to death says he would risk his life again.

With the captain and coach

With the captain and coach

Wentworthville resident Nigel Kerr still bears scars from the dog attack of the woman walking along the footpath outside his home on September 5.

He and wife Jody were among four people who rushed to the woman’s aid and were also injured.

He’s still coming to terms with the terrifying ordeal.

“I was in the backyard taking clothes off the line when I heard screams coming from the front,” Mr Kerr said.

“I ran out the front gate and saw the lady on the ground being attacked by two dogs, who had her by the throat. I fought the dogs off her and they began circling me. A woman driving past tooted her horn to distract them and a council worker came by and chased the dogs off with a shovel. Every time I talk it about, I can still picture the woman’s face.”

Mr Kerr suffered bites, bruises and a sprained wrist and spent a day in hospital. He said his wife fared worse than him.

“I told her to stay inside and didn’t know she was behind me until it was too late,” he told the Sun.

“My concern was for the old lady. I was focused on the dogs.”

The elderly woman, 81, underwent surgery for facial and body lacerations. One of her three sons has since visited the Kerrs with gifts to express their gratitude.

“She’s doing well from what I heard,” Mr Kerr said.

“The son was very emotional and grateful that we helped his mum. His father died when he and his brothers were young so they were raised by their mum, who is very special to them.” 

Mr Kerr doesn’t consider himself as a hero.

“A lot of people have said how brave I was and that I’m a hero,” he said. 

“But I only did what anyone else would have done.”

His Wellington Phoenix jersey was torn in the attack.

The A-League club presented him with a new jersey during a preseason game against the Central Coast Mariners in Sydney on Saturday.

Club captain Andrew Durante and coach Ernie Merrick presented Mr Kerr with his jersey.

“There was no Western Sydney Wanderers at the time and I liked the club’s underdog status when they came into the A-League,” Mr Kerr said.

“I’ve never asked for anything so I’m very grateful to be recognised for what I did. It makes me feel special to be part of the club like that.”

The two American Staffordshire Terrier crosses involved in the attack have since been put down.

“There needs to be more education for owners of these breeds,” Mr Kerr said.

“Something has to be done because if that had been a young child attacked that day, they would not have survived. I hope it doesn’t happen again but it probably will if there isn’t a ban on these sorts of breeds.”

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