Owens: Budget will end Healthy Holroyd

Budget cuts will mean the end of the Healthy Holroyd project run by Holroyd council, says Federal Labor MP Julie Owens.

Federal Labor MP Julie Owens says the federal Budget will cause the end of the Healthy Holroyd program.

Federal Labor MP Julie Owens says the federal Budget will cause the end of the Healthy Holroyd program.

“This funding is a real loss to the people of Holroyd,” said Julie Owens.

“We know that Holroyd has high levels of inactivity, obesity and diabetes and the Healthy Holroyd Project helped people to learn about nutrition and get into physical activity.”

“Now, because of the Budget, that assistance is gone.”

Funding for the project was provided by the Federal Government from the Healthy Communities Initiative, a part of the National Partnership Agreement on Preventative Health.

Holroyd City Council was awarded $703,607 to support community-based physical activity and healthy eating programs.

In Holroyd, 19 per cent of residents are obese, 52 per cent are overweight or obese and 10 per cent have diabetes.

“This project has given Holroyd an opportunity to learn more about being healthy and active in the community,” said Holroyd City Mayor Nasr Kafrouni.

“Through a wide range of Healthy Holroyd  activities and events, we’ve seen residents and local groups make positive choices about their health and wellbeing.

“This fresh approach to physical activity has helped make a difference to Holroyd now and well into the future.”

The Healthy Holroyd project set out to provide physical activity and healthy eating programs as well as assist local community groups to promote healthy lifestyles to their members and clients.

The program includes free and low cost exercise programs, cooking classes and nutrition talks.

The project also targets non-English speaking communities, including communities speaking languages such as Arabic and Dinka, by training bi-lingual fitness instructors.

“Abbott said there would be no cuts to health before the election,” said Ms Owens.

“Now we are seeing cuts to vital preventative health care in our communities – first a GP tax and now to the Healthy Communities Initiative.”