CEO Corean Issac happy to sleep in the cold

COREAN Issac is ready to sleep rough for a night in June to get an idea of what it's like to live on the streets.

Mrs Issac, 40, of Parramatta-based company Be Recruited, is among the chief executives set to take part in the ninth St Vincent de Paul Society CEO Sleepout at Carriageworks on June 19.

The decision to get involved came easily after the 2013 sleepout, where Mrs Issac heard stories from people who had experienced homelessness.

"It really opened my eyes. I started off thinking that it's just a mental illness issue, but it's far from it. These people have to deal with the cards they've been handed," Mrs issac said.

She now sees that many people are just a few pay packets away from becoming homeless and said factors such as lengthy public housing waiting lists and the pressures on families to find cheap private rental properties were compounding the problem.

Mrs Issac said Be Recruited dealt with blue collar jobseekers facing many pressures, perhaps even homelessness, which helped cement the decision to continue to take part in the sleepout.

"We want to be able to give back to the community and this is something that affects our local community."

The mother of two said it was "staggering" that about 17,000 Australian children did not have a home.

"Here we are going and buying Easter eggs for our kids . . . [but] these poor kids have to fend for themselves."

Earlier this month, the St Vincent de Paul Society used the sleepout launch to call on governments to do something about the housing affordability crisis, a leading cause of homelessness.

Society chief executive Michael Perusco said more affordable housing was a "crucial part of the process" to helping people escape homelessness.

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