Decision to leave Lussick on the field slammed

Darcy Lussick apologised to Jared Waerea-Hargreaves for an ugly high shot that had Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson questioning why the Parramatta forward wasn't sent off during the premiers' record 56-4 win at Allianz Stadium.

Lussick was placed on report for the 21st minute tackle, which occured after he raced out of the defensive line and struck the Roosters prop with an outstretched left arm.

"It was a stiff arm, it came from a long way, it was intentional, it was really clear," Robinson said.

Waerea-Hargreaves was sent off last season for a high shot on Manly forward George Rose that many considered to be no worse and Lussick took him high on the very next tackle after the Kiwis hardman ran the ball from the ensuing penalty.

While Warea-Hargreaves downplayed the incident after the match and said he accepted an apology from Lussick, Robinson wants the NRL about to explain why referees Gavin Badger and Brett Suttor did not take firmer action.

"It was prettty clear that was a send off," he said. "I am not sure what more you want to see. I expected that to be the response but there was obviously a reason they didn't want to send him off.

"The video referee needed to help on that and then there was the second head-high straight after that that they didn't want to penalise because they knew they would have to send him off. That is disappointing. After all we have gone through in the off-season, that needed to be dealt with. It was last year for us and it needed to be this year for them, so I am interested in their response."

Roosters captain Anthony Minichiello also thought Lussick should have been sent off but Warea-Hargreaves said he was satisified with the post-match apology from his former Manly under 20s teammate.

"We had a yarn after the game and he sort of apologised," Waerea-Hargeaves said. "I said, 'All good, that is footy.' I copped one and you move on. What happens on the field happens on the field and we are back to mates off the field.

"Obviously it was high and the refs thought so too and I will leave it up to the match review to handle it. I didn't think the second one was high, I thought it was a good tackle, but the first one got me a little bit high. I don't think that was a send-off cause but the match review committee will look at it and it is in their hands.

"We are good mates, we talk off the field and hopefully he doesn't serve too long if he gets anything."

Eels coach Brad Arthur replaced Lussick immediately after the second tackle and didn't put him back on the field until midway through the second half but insisted it had been his plan before the game.

Robinson praised Waerea-Hargreaves for maintaining his focus in the match and the Roosters prop came up with a bone-rattling tackle on Eels halfback Luke Kelly in the second half that caused him to lose the ball and led to a try.

"Jared's put an imprint on our game as far as being aggressive and getting the job done so guys are going to want to come after him like Darcy and prove a point," Robinson said. "It was a credit to Jared the way he handled it and continued on."

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