Foodie's taste of Asia

■ Sitney Thai Restaurant

The restaurant serves everything from popular Thai dishes to more traditional meals.

Head chef Tony Nakon said the roast coconut salad with chicken and prawns was the most popular dish.

"We make it from fresh ingredients and the ingredients we use are very similar to the ingredients used in Thailand," Mr Nakon said.

Details: 9633 3226; 277b Church Street, Parramatta.

■ Dragon Peking Restaurant

For more than six years this restaurant has been cooking traditional southern Chinese dishes.

Owner Wendy Chen said her deep-fried pork ribs with shallots and the peaking shredded beef dish were top sellers.

"The rib dish includes a rack of ribs in special sauce and it's very tasty . . . that is why people like it," Ms Chen said.

Details: 9635 8333; Shop 4, 115-125 Church Street, Parramatta.

■ T & J Bakery Cake Shop

The bakery and cake shop near the Granville end of Church Street sells traditional Cantonese baked goods. Popular cakes include the crispy pineapple and the cocktail buns.

Also, the pastry chef likes to experiment. This week he has created a seaweed pork floss cake, very similar to a Swiss roll cake, but with seaweed added to the mix.

Details: 9687 0915; 139 Church Street, Parramatta.

■ Saute Thai Restaurant

The family owned restaurant just off Church Street serves authentic dishes.

Owner Bee Chan-in said they continue to thrive in Parramatta with different meals to other Thai restaurants in the area.

"We make Koo-Wa Gai noodle which many others in the area don't sell," Ms Chan-in said.

"It's pretty much made up of soy sauce, flat rice noodle, chicken, prawns and beans."

Details: 9687 0778; 18 Phillip Street, Parramatta;

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