Overseas scammers' call to local cops triggers alarm

Warning: Holroyd crime coordinator Donna Wakefield. Picture: Geoff Jones
Warning: Holroyd crime coordinator Donna Wakefield. Picture: Geoff Jones

HOLROYD Police have warned the community about a telephone scam after multiple phone numbers at the police station were targeted last week.

Holroyd crime co-ordinator Donna Wakefield urged residents to be on alert for the overseas scammers who have been offering compensation for car accidents or insurance rebates in recent weeks.

"We had about five calls in this office and I believe all the detectives' offices had phone calls," Sergeant Wakefield said.

"They were trying to say 'I'm calling about your car accident that you had last year when you were injured'."

Sergeant Wakefield said if you receive a call from a scammer, never give out your details, hang up and contact your insurance company or bank or whichever institution the caller was claiming to represent to check the legitimacy of the call.

"Especially if the call's come out of the blue," she said. "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is."

Sergeant Wakefield, who received one of the calls, made up a number plate to keep the scammers on the line as they attempted to "fish" for personal information.

"Once they realised I gave them a dodgy number plate, they hung up," she said.

"There's an RMS website where anyone can log on and input any registered number plate and you get the make, model and colour of that car."

A post about the scam on the local area command's Facebook page last week had responses from about 50 people all claiming to have received the calls in recent weeks.