Machine inspires new exhibition 

Pop Up Parramatta artist Ben Denham has made his mark on the art world.

Denham opened his exhibition, Dimension Of Line: I/O U Material Thought, at the MOP Gallery, in Chippendale, earlier this month.

The exhibition includes 11 drawings created with a drawing machine.

The PhD graduate constructed the machine with motion sensors and micro computers, so he could record the relationship between gesture and making a mark.

"It's similar to the basic machine that a lot of modern manufacturing businesses use, like a 3D printing machine or computer control reuters or a laser cutter machine," Denham said.

"One of the works that I'm doing is actually writing code so that the machine can run itself.

"It's kind of like a custom printer.

"The other thread is creating interfaces for the body so that I can control the machine through different articulations of my limbs."

Denham started building the machine in 2010.

By 2012, he needed more space and applied for the Pop Up Parramatta artists program and continued his work from a studio in Parramatta.

Although the machine has produced more than 150 artworks, Denham said he was discovering more ways to use the machine to create styles of art.

"One of the reasons that I built the machine is that it's a very flexible platform and it allows me to do all sorts of things.

"There are two threads to the machine — printing and physically controlling the machine with my body.

"With printing, I'm kind of limited by my programming knowledge.

"As I gain more knowledge of programming the machine, I am able to explore what it's able to do.

"In regards to physically controlling the machine with my body — the different parts of my body that I use, it transforms the means of control and as a result more discoveries are made."

The exhibition is on show until February 2.

■ Details: MOP 2/39 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale.

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