VIDEO: Convict screens tonight at Riverside Theatres

GUILDFORD filmmaker George Basha will unveil his latest feature film, Convict, to audiences tonight (Tuesday) at Riverside Theatres.

The film was shot inside Parramatta jail — Australia's oldest serving correctional centre.

It follows the story of an Australian war veteran of Arab heritage who returns home from serving in Iraq.

He soon finds himself caught up in an incident which sees him sent to jail.

Basha who co-produced, co-directed, wrote and starred in the film said audiences would enjoy watching a heartfelt story which is an uncommon topic in films about inmates.

Watch the movie trailer:

"There are two great love stories in the film," Basha said.

"The first is between my character Ray and his fiancee Kelly.

"The other is a platonic relationship between Ray and David — an inmate Ray befriends."

Basha said the film also provided audiences with life lessons, especially about the effects of racism.

"There is racism which happens outside the jail but there is also racism which happens inside," he said.

"Ray is seen as a traitor to his own people [the Arab inmates] because he went to Iraq and served as an Australian soldier.

"There is a scene which talks about this and you get to hear two sides of the story."

Convict will be shown at Riverside Theatres from January 21 to January 26.

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