34 years as dedicated mentor

AFTER 34 years as a teacher, Holroyd High School's Andrew Munns will retire at the end of semester.

The school's principal, Dorothy Hoddinott, beamed with praise for the departing head of industrial arts.

"He's dedicated, reliable, loyal, helpful and completely dedicated to his students and to public education," Ms Hoddinott said.

"He has an enormous range of skills across industrial technology . . . not least in engineering.

"He has been responsible for guiding a lot of boys on to university and into engineering.

"He is a wonderful teacher, wonderful.

"We will miss him very much."

Mr Munns has had an obvious effect on students he has taught as well.

He said 40 per cent of them went on to university education; far more than the 18 per cent quota expected of his school.

For all his achievements, Mr Munns said it was the students and colleagues he would miss most.

"It's the range of kids I've taught (that I'll miss)," he said.

Aside from teaching Mr Munns has a long-held a passion for restoring vintage boats and ships for Sydney Heritage Fleet.

He plans to spend more time working on the fleet in his retirement.

"I just love machinery and technology, and the other people who restore ships," he said.

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