Cop's guide book comes full circle

AN OLD pictorial guide book of Parramatta was found during a garage clean-up and donated to Parramatta police last week.

The Artist Guide to Old Parramatta was dedicated to Parramatta police officers in 1961 and was donated back to the station by Kellyville resident Jane Morrow.

She found the book while clearing out her mother's garage after she died in May.

"The book belonged to my grandfather, Inspector Herbert Morrow, who was in charge of Parramatta police station in the '60s," she said.

"I felt it should be back here, back in its home instead of inside a drawer at my house."

Ms Morrow has been a public servant for NSW Police for the last 30 years and her husband, Lawrence Bonello, is a duty officer at Parramatta Police.

Parramatta superintendent inspector Robert Redfern APM (Australian Police Medal) said there was a certain "circle of life" to this story. "The book goes from a former officer in charge here to one of our senior officers," he said. "I'm deeply appreciative to Jane for the gift.

"The book tells us some interesting history of police in Parramatta."

Artist Guide to Old Parramatta was created by Collinridge Rivett in 1961 and dedicated to Parramatta police. In this copy he wrote: "For the boys of Parramatta Police. God bless."

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