Patel most common name in Parramatta

MOVE over Smith, Jones and Brown.

The Patels have overtaken Smith to be the most common surname in Parramatta.

Other popular surnames in Parramatta include Lee, Smith and Kim.

Social researcher and demographer Mark McCrindle of McCrindle Research said Indian and Asian immigration to the area has seen a change in cultural diversity and surnames.

"When talking about the Australian population typically people would talk about the need to connect with Smith, Jones and Brown," Mr McCrindle said.

"While these surnames are still in the top 20, the need today is to also connect with Patel, Lee and Kim.

"Because these are the surnames that dominate the phonebook and represent the growth in Australia's cultural diversity."

While Smith and Jones reign the nation's White Pages, Mr McCrindle said Parramatta was setting the trend of what is to follow across the country.

"Currently, at a national level, migration from the United Kingdom and New Zealand eats out those arrivals from China and India," he said.

"In Parramatta it is India and China ahead of New Zealand and the United Kingdom and the national data will follow."

Sanjay Patel, who moved to Australia from the Indian state of Gujarat in 1998, owns Indian supermarkets in Wentworthville and Harris Park with his brother Manish. Mr Patel said the Patels were a common name in western India and were often associated with business.

"Business is in our blood," Mr Patel said.

"In America, 50 per cent of hotels are owned by Patels. They have this common saying 'hotels, motels, Patels'."

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