Sirens herald learning from the beginning

THERE were few, if any, cries of boredom on the first day of school for pupils at St Anthony's Primary School, Girraween, which turned the key on learning with Ignition Day.

Sirens blared and smiles stretched the width of inquisitive young faces when police, ambulance, fire and State Emergency Services workers visited pupils in years 1 to year 6 on Thursday to speak about their roles in the community and show their vehicles and equipment.

Principal Cheryl Brown said the event gave pupils a common experience to reflect on.

"The idea is to inspire learning in children when they come back to school," she said.

"They can be a bit hesitant, but we want to start learning from day one."

Year 6 pupil Amber Palmer said the morning activities included heart rate checks by an ambulance officer and being able to dress up in SES safety gear.

"It was a big surprise when I pulled up at school because I didn't know this was happening," she said.

"It's a good idea."

Year 5 pupil Ante Furjanic described the day as "awesome".

"It was interesting hearing what they do in their jobs and nice to know they can help in an emergency, like if a tree has fallen on your roof or if in danger," he said of the SES.

"It was fun. They bring out the throw bag and different tools they use to help people."

Ambulance NSW Inspector Andrew McAlpine said he thought the concept was fantastic and took some of the fear out of the situation should the ambulance ever arrive on a child's doorstep.

"When we do go to their homes for something they'll be able to say 'Oh, I've been in an ambulance'," he said.

"And it takes their mind off their first day of school."

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