Holroyd mayor calls for $20 toll on M4

SYDNEY'S youngest mayor has no intention of being its longest-serving.

Ross Grove, 26, mayor of the City of Holroyd, has a solution to the horrendous traffic grind on the M4 - a toll, as much as $20 each way, to make sure those who need it or can afford it are guaranteed a smooth ride into town.

''A free, fast road into the city would be lovely but so would a gold-plated toilet seat,'' said Cr Grove, who last year became the first Liberal mayor of Holroyd, south of Parramatta.

Cr Grove's proposal, which he concedes is unlikely to find political favour, is in response to the daily uncertainty of knowing how bad traffic will be on the M4 motorway that runs between Strathfield and the foot of the Blue Mountains.

But it is also proposed as a fund-raising option for the O'Farrell government's WestConnex motorway.

The government has pledged $1.8 billion to that, which will cost in the order of $13 billion.

But it has not explained how it will pay for the rest of it, other than with tolls on new and upgraded sections of road.

Cr Grove, who will spend one year as mayor of Holroyd, said he would happily be the ''least popular mayor in Sydney'' if that meant getting things done.

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