Afghan women raise money for winter appeal

A group of Afghan-Australian girls from The Hills have come together to make a difference to the lives of Afghans who are set to face another potentially fatal winter.

The Ebrahimi sisters, Wajma, Ferishta and Mena, of Kellyville and their friend Zarlasht Dardmal, of The Ponds, organised a trivia night for young women at the Tudor Lounge, Greystanes, to make a contribution to the many Afghan families without adequate food and shelter in the upcoming winter. 

“My recent trip to Afghanistan in May of this year gave me direct insight into the devastating state of the lives of Afghan people and that they are in great need of support from the international community”, Wajma said.

“One of the thousands of stories from Afghanistan that hit me strongly was of [a man named] Samad Gul’s one-year-old daughter who died in his arms from the cold.’’

Amnesty International reported that during the 2011/12 winter more than 100 people, mostly children, died due to the cold or through illness.

Afghanistan has rarely left international headlines in past years and the areas of the nation which are most affected by natural disasters are home to thousands of internally displaced people.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports up to 690,00 families are internally displaced due to the conflict in Afghanistan and as of September 30, 2012; 35,706 families have been severely affected by floods, harsh winter weather, landslides, avalanches and heavy rainfall.

The trivia night raised $3283 which will be donated to the Afghan Support Association to be sent to Afghanistan to provide food and resources to assist people during the winter.

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