PS Magazine: Rising star leads an illustrated life

Illustrator Lesley Vamos sees herself as a creative problem solver.

The local artist, 25, gained industry experience by travelling the world before establishing herself as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in Parramatta.

‘‘Being a creative problem solver basically means any time you have a problem that could be solved creatively — which I personally think is most problems — you come to me,’’ Lesley said.

‘‘It means I get to work on a variety of things so it’s not pure illustration or pure graphic design — whereever there’s a gap, in your life or business, I come in and help.’’

Since graduating from the Sydney College of Fine Arts, Lesley has travelled around the world advancing her craft including attending Comic Con in San Diego this year.

Her self-described whimsical and cheeky designs have been featured in multiple books, including the Anything Shop.

In the future the illustrator hopes to spend more time on her personal sketches and eventually establish her own brand and design her own children’s label.

The ambitious artist also hopes to establish herself in the overseas market, possibly as a freelance illustrator for a studio.

‘‘My big goal is to get to America to do character design and just work with different people,’’ Lesley said of her future.

‘‘They have such a rich, artistic culture and I’d love the opportunity to break into it.’’

Striped Designs:

Thinking creatively: Lesley Vamos is a rising star. Picture: Gene Ramirez.

Thinking creatively: Lesley Vamos is a rising star. Picture: Gene Ramirez.

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